Infojini's staffing and IT consulting services are appraised at CMMI Level 3!

Light Industrial Staffing

Achieve Your Productivity Goals with Pre-screened Industrial Talent!

Whether you are looking for production ramp-up, volume-hiring, or seasonal demands, we have the right Light Industrial resources to meet your staffing needs. Our nationwide recruiter network and pre-screened talent pool means we can meet client demands in minimum time-frame, and with least burden on overhead costs.

Having worked with some of the biggest MNC’s, we understand the importance of safety and compliance in the manufacturing ecosystem. At Infojini, safety at the workplace is and always will be the top-most priority.


Why Choose Infojini?

  • Pre-screened Talent Pool-We have a robust pool of pre-screened talent present in our database. Manufacturing is volatile and having a ready-to-deploy pool is the secret to our reduced submission times in Light Industrial staffing.
  • Safety Training-Worker safety is paramount and we have developed a standard set of operating procedures for the same. We also use 3rd-party training providers to train our workforce for emergency situations.
  • Rigorous Background Checks-All our employees are thoroughly screened for culture-fit and technical prowess. We also use BG check agencies to screen candidates for irregularities in their employment or educational records.
  • Specialized Engagement Team-Many a times workers don’t show up at the date of joining. Infojini has a special engagement team that follows-up with the candidates continuously till their date of joining.
  • Healthy Pool of Workers Who are Nearing Assignment Completion-At any given time, we have around 40-50 workers who are nearing assignment completion. This number puts us ahead of the competition when it comes to rapid scale-up situations in Light Industrial staffing.

Our Value Propositions

Experienced Recruitment Team

Pre-screened Talent Pool

Commitment to Safety

On-site Account Manager

Proven Track Record

Reduced Cost-to-Hire

Minimum Submission Time

Separate Engagement Team

Positions We Fill

  • Industrial Engineers
  • Machine Operators
  • Forklift Operators
  • Assemblers
  • HVAC Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Welders
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Manufacturing Technicians
  • Production Supervisors
  • Service Technicians
  • Service Technicians
  • Instrumentation
  • Machinists
  • CNC Machinists
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Maintenance Mechanics
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Painters
  • Pipe Fitters

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